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Übersicht - Rund um - Mitglieder treffen sich real - Vikings’ Michael Floyd Set To Return Next Week
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Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd is set to return next week against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field Cris Carter Jersey. Floyd return comes with a lot of questions, but not about Floyd. Rather, the questions are about who will the Vikings will cut from the roster to make room for him.The Vikings have great talent in this position which makes this decision difficult, so the first who could be looked at are the two rookies that Minnesota has on the roster Stacy Coley and Rodney Adams. Adams was a standout during the preseason with nine catches, 66 yards and two touchdowns according to ESPN stats and info, and Pro Football Focus gave him a rating of 112.3 . He worked hard in the preseason and has a lot of potential, but how much of a loss what it would be to let Adams go? He has been inactive for all three games in the regular season, so do you take the time to mold him or do you cut him to bring in Floyd who is an established receiver?While letting Adams go is a possibility, he isn too worried about it. He spoke with Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press about any potential moves Minnesota might make, not nervous about anything as far as Floyd coming back. I think Ie done good. I just going out and helping the team every day .”Coley also had a great showing in the preseason. He caught nine passes for 160 yards in the three games he played. Unlike Adams, he was in for two plays from scrimmage during the home opener but didn gain any yards.While it might not be a popular choice since Adams and Coley both have a lot of positive buzz around them, it could be the most logical. There isn a big investment yet with either player so having to let one go wouldn be the end of the world. But having to choose who it could be will be tough since both had promising starts in the preseason. The Vikings could surprise everyone and let go of Jarius Wright or Laquon Treadwell, but those options are highly unlikely. Wright has reemerged from the shadows and is once again starting to show his talent and ability on the field while Treadwell was a 2016 first round draft pick. Treadwell might be on the top of some fans list to go since he has not lived up to the expectations of many, but it is farfetched because that would mean the Vikings would have to admit that he is not catching on like they had hoped, and they would have to admit he might be a bust. After spending the preseason talking about how hard he has worked and how much he has improved, that is a hard sell that Minnesota probably doesn want to do.Regardless of what path they take to make room for Floyd, the Vikings have some tough decisions to make before next week.

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